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Online Relationships

To meet someone online and building a relationship has a lot of similarities to meeting someone in real life and is becoming more and more common.  The increasing number of happy couples who met online are enough evidence for us to realize that valid relationships can be built from online dating sites.

LatinConexiones does not pretend to have the credentials to be a love expert or a relationship expert but we have a wealth of information that comes from online dating industry and we have many concerned experts in related fields who willingly share advice, concern and guidance for users of our site.  Much of what we share in this article applies to building lasting and meaningful relationships in all areas of our lives.

A true relationship begins with honesty.  In all of our relationships we have the freedom to choose who we want to be and how we want to treat other people.  There are two forms of honesty that are necessary when we use online dating services.  Honesty with ourselves is extremely important when we launch our online activities and we must remain true to our intentions.  We will constantly be challenged because we will certainly meet many new people.  It is easy to become distracted with the many opportunities that will be presented.

Honesty with the new friends that we will meet is exactly what you would expect to receive from them.  Honesty toward your new person of interest is absolutely necessary in the communication as you begin the journey to know each other and again honesty is what you expect because you know how critical it is to your judgement and feelings and the ability to build trust.

There are many profiles of pages on dating sites that ask for trust and respect.  There is a some trust and respect that is granted due to our human nature and because we have been taught the principles of the “Golden Rule”.  But we must deserve the kind of trust that enables us to build and sustain meaningful and lasting relationships.

Not for a specified time period such as through the courting stage.  Trust is earned every moment of every day for the rest of our lives.  And all that we have invested in our honesty for all of our previous moments can be lost in this moment if we choose, if only for one moment, not to be honest.  Once the trust is lost we may or may not be able to restore new trust.

Respect is also earned.  It is also based on honesty, our trustworthiness, and other qualities that we habitually manifest.  Speak with integrity remembering that our actions are a louder form of communication than the spoken word.  Become thoroughly comfortable with doing the right thing.

Focus on the good and honest communication that you can control.  Unlike real life relationships, some people who are online can hide behind a profile and photos and anonymity and may not have the same good intentions that you have.  They cannot be controlled and they cannot be changed.  It is your job to maintain your caution, keep your antennae raised, trust your 6th sense and do your part to make the relationship work.  If you do and the other person does not then you know that the failed attempt was not your fault.  Move forward and begin your new search.

Online dating has many advantages that help users launch their search for their ideal match or their ideal soul mate.  Although many have found a partner it is wise to keep the expectations realistic.

New relationships usually begin with the discovery of many similarities.  When the relationship grows both enter the most intimate core of a person where we may find some slight differences.  This is common.  Different cultural backgrounds, environments and life-experiences produce different reference criteria that influence how we think, feel and how we relate.  Continue the discovery until it is possible to understand how the other person may have been molded to what is you see today.

The similarities are usually revealed early in the communication while the differences take a little longer to surface.  It is necessary to discover those difference so you can evaluate whether they are minor or important to your system of values, morals, ethics and principles.  The possibility of agreeing on everything your new friend says or does is remote and the search for the perfect person should not impede your search for the person who is perfect for you.

There are some keys to identifying similarities and differences that can lead to a happy relationship and they are mentioned in a great article on the internet.  These fundamental areas are mutual respect, the ability to communicate without arguing or fighting, attitudes about sex, agreement on how to raise children, how each handles money, has similar goals and the ability to be happy, have fun and laugh together.

Everything you need to know about your new person of interest can be discovered through communication.  That person should be as anxious to share with you as much information as possible so you can continue to decide to move forward in the relationship.  If you want that person to have the same desire to move forward then you must share as much information about you as possible while remembering to protect your privacy and safety.

Remember, you have the right to ask questions and seek consistency to know if the truths have been stretched or defects have been hidden. You need to know if the indicated values and qualities are really the core of the person, and that the true heart and soul have been revealed. It is not necessary to directly challenge inconsistencies, but warning flags must be recognized to help you.