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Every day there is more news online and offline about the growth of online dating around the world.  New relationships that started online are now a part of the normal way that people meet and the number of marriages that result from those new relationships continues to grow.  We offer some of the news in our Growth of Online Dating article on this site.

What has not been specifically discussed is the participation of the many beautiful and diverse Hispanic cultures throughout the world in this growing social phenomenon.  Until now!  The family of LatinConexiones sites is a collaboration of efforts and contributions by individuals from many different Latino cultures who are dedicated to build sites that focus on all aspects of the Hispanic community.  We focus on the Hispanic lifestyles.

Our focus also includes the celebrations of all of our diverse cultures and the way we traditionally dedicate our lives to focus on immediate and extended families, neighbors, consumers, other Hispanic entrepreneurs and contribute to our local and national social efforts

Other Hispanic-dating and Latin-dating sites focus primarily on the physical attributes of our beautiful Hispanics. Those sites are sex connection sites or meat-trafficking sites. Several of these sites advertise to meet sexy men or women. They have men and women with very little clothing.

The site has been very successful in being able to separate itself from those sites that are not as serious about the many other qualities, values, ethics, morals and religious beliefs that make up the whole of the Hispanic dating community.  We are committed to maintain a wholesome site that focuses to help our members be serious about their search efforts.

The mission of LatinConexionesMedia site is to empower users of to improve their experiences to achieve the greatest benefits.  We believe that educated and informed visitors will remain alert to protect safety and privacy.  This site contains online dating information, advice, recommendations and resources from experts throughout the online dating industry to serve our members as they build new friendships and relationships.

Our dating site will host numerous events with activities to help the Hispanic community grow together. In addition, we are extending invitations to associations and social organizations and companies to participate in LatinConexionesEventos.  On this site will be published the dates, times and places for events that are of interest to our members.

Throughout the world there are millions of Hispanics who have the entrepreneurial spirit and the determination to be successful and they have launched their own businesses.  LatinConexiones has a tremendous respect for that spirit and recognizes that many of those business owners do not have the resources to create their own web pages or to launch a major online marketing effort to promote their products or services.

The LatinConexionesEcommerce site is an opportunity for subscribed members to our dating site to rent a page and receive the benefit of all of our social and digital marketing efforts.  Hispanic entrepreneurs who take advantage of this wonderful opportunitycan focus on their products and services and expand their markets.

The owner of the LatinConexiones sites has a care and concern that extends beyond the dating site.  That care and concern has been recognized throughout the online dating industry and as a result the owner has been personally invited to serve as a member of the Internet Dating Executive Alliance.

The goal of the Alliance of executive is to help leaders grow the Internet dating industry professionally and honorably and help inspire innovation and thinking. We would like to add that we are committed to helping the industry grow up safe and sound.