What to expect from online dating

What To Expect From Online Dating

Knowing what to expect from online dating will give you a better and safer online dating experience. There are different reasons why people choose online dating. It can be because they are new in town, have a job with a tough schedule that won’t allow a regular social life, or simply they tried everything and it didn’t work. We have seen it all. The truth is that most people who decide to try online dating have good and sincere intentions. However,  oftentimes expectations can be unrealistic.

Online dating platforms don’t equal matchmaking services

Online dating platforms are not necessarily matchmaking platforms. Just because you build a profile doesn’t mean you’ll get 10 options to choose your prince charming based on a “perfect match” a couple of minutes later. It is also not a promise that you will get that perfect match. Many factors are involved in your success. The right person may or may not be there for you. Also, your effort will affect how successful you are at this. Your online dating expectations may not match the other person’s. At Latin Conexiones, we want to give you the opportunity to meet other Latinos you wouldn’t meet otherwise.

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Timing in online dating and bots

What to expect from online dating

People may not connect with you right away. In fact, it may take days for someone to contact you. There are platforms where you get hooked up with a message right away. However, this message is not always written by an actual person. Keep in mind many online dating sites use bots. At LatinConexiones, we have real profiles handled by real people. So, everyone handles their own reach outs and they are truly written by an actual person. To keep the experience as real as possible and avoid misunderstandings, we do not allow bots on our site.
Online dating can be very time-consuming. Be careful with how much time you spend reaching out and focus on how many dates you actually get and are able to meet. Quality is more important than quantity! Check out some online dating mistakes to avoid.


Pricing of online dating

It’s natural to think at first that you shouldn’t have to pay to meet other people. If you are in the street and you happen to meet someone, you don’t pay. If you are on Instagram and send a message to some profile you found who agrees to go on a date, you don’t pay either. However, you usually go to an online dating platform because those other ways didn’t work for you. So now, you are going to a place set up by a company who pays to build the site, maintain it, and makes sure your information is secure. LatinConexiones is a place that gives you a safe environment to talk to other people who you already know are looking for the same thing. This is not you going out to meet people, this is someone else providing you the platform for you to have more chances to find that person. An this is the reason why online dating platforms have a cost.

Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right WHEN DATING ONLINE

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The truth is that you may still not find that person or it can take a while. Just because you are going online, it doesn’t mean you are going to have a lot of dates knocking at your door. You also have to do your job and build a complete and realistic profile and pursue others. You can’t expect for people to come after you. Online dating just like with offline dating, require time and patience. It will also require interacting with many people, getting rejected and going on many dates just as in your normal life. Remember, the online dating platform is just there to provide you direct access to more people looking for the same thing who you may not be able to meet otherwise. It does not ensure a happy ever after story. That is on you.


Online dating sites and SECURITY

Just like at work, in the street, or at a party, there will be inappropriate people who will come in with not the best intentions. However, unlike in the offline world, on our site, we look for ways to catch these people and close their profiles. We believe in love and giving our clients a safe space to find it. Also, when in doubt, always go with your gut and report anything you think is suspicious. People are not always who they seem. We have a very strict privacy and security policy and review every case reported thoroughly to avoid theonline dating safetyse situations.

On the other hand, when we talk about love and dating we need to understand that not everyone has the same concept of love, dating, and what a relationship should be like. So, before putting yourself out there, figure out what you want and make sure your profile and interactions with other members reflect it. This will help you have more successful encounters and dates and reduce frustration.


Answering to everyone who REACHES OUT

Part of the online dating expectation tends to be that if someone tries to connect with you, you have to respond and connect back. Remember it’s ok to say no or not answer if you don’t feel comfortable. Don’t feel bad for handing of a rejection. If you entertain something you are not truly interested in you will not just be wasting your time but also the other person’s. However, try to always be nice on your rejections. There are ways to do things. Think about what you would like to be told if you were on the other end.

Imitating others and making yourself look good WHEN DATING ONLINE

If you start by faking your profile and not being true to yourself on the interactions, chances are you will fail at online dating. The reason being that you can’t base any relationship on lies or a distorted reality. Not only you will suffer and the other person too, but you may also even get kicked out of the platform if it obvious. Remember, you are looking for a real relationship. For that, you need to be real and true to yourself. Check out some of our tips on how to create your online dating profile.

Overall, online dating is a safe growing practice that allows more people to connect and increase the possibilities of finding that special someone. Understand your online dating expectations and make sure they are realistic. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


privacy policy

News on social media privacy policy and third-party information risk are all over the media after Facebook’s security breach. This has put any form of social platform under scrutiny.

Facebook’s security breach impacted 30 million users. Fourteen million of them had their names, contact details, and sensitive information exposed including recent location check-ins.

Aside from social platforms, well-known firms such as Saks, Panera or UnderArmour were also involved in security breaches in 2018 with hundreds of millions of records breached.

According to, dating sites are also vulnerable. In the last three years, the industry has had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to victims of security breaches and identity theft.

Social platforms are having to re-think their privacy policies to avoid both security and privacy breaches. These are related but not the same.  Therefore, it’s important to understand how this impacts your personal information.


“A data breach is the intentional or unintentional release of secure or private/confidential information to an untrusted environment.”

It is one of the earliest stages of a security attack by a malicious intruder. They happen when the security policy and procedures get violated.

When information is used or released by a third and malicious third party, we have a security breach. It is intentional. That company or person uses the data for their own agenda.


“A privacy breach is the loss of, unauthorized access to, or disclosure of personal information.”

This is when personal information is stolen, lost, or mistakenly shared even if it is not published. It may also be a consequence of feeble business procedures.

The best way to avoid a privacy issue is to set up measures to make it hard for intruders to abuse the system or for someone to share personal information by mistake. In social media, when you access through another social media profile, you increase risk. Therefore, one way to avoid that risk is not to allow third-party logins.  This makes it difficult for bots to fill out fake profiles. At LatinConexiones, we don’t allow third-party logins.

Impersonation is very common on dating sites and it can happen in two ways: someone pretends to be you or someone pretends to be someone else to hurt you. It’s our commitment to keep your personal information safe. We make it a priority to detect fake profiles and to make sure you have a pleasant experience with our platform.


The law requires privacy policies. Privacy laws worldwide dictate that if you collect personal information from website visitors, then you need to have a Privacy Policy posted to your site. Many third-party services used to enhance website performance also require you to have a Privacy Policy.

These policies establish how and when they will use your personal information in the company. At LatinConexiones, we have established a very strict and strong policy to protect you. You can read it here.

As a member of our community, you can also help us avoid breaches and protect your privacy by reporting any suspicious behaviors here.


We want to ensure you are comfortable and protected when using LatinConexionesMember privacy and security is our top priority. Here are some systems we have put in place:

privacy policy

  • Our site requires little personal information from members. The less information we keep, the less risk.
  • We don’t allow signup through other social platforms or any third party apps for that matter. This helps avoid others logging in for you.
  • Unlike Facebook, our platform does not permit other businesses to advertise on our site. We don’t want anyone else to have access to your information.
  • Our  Internet Dating Excellence Association status keeps us focused on safety and privacy.
  • We hunt for fake profiles, message bots, and any other type of bots powered by artificial intelligence as part of our dating site’s privacy best practices and security. We have no tolerance for impersonators.
  • Our web host is Amazon Webhosting. They are one of the top web hosting services in the world and the same web hosting service used by some of the world’s biggest financial institutions for their high levels of security and constant technology updates.


It’s our commitment that you feel safe in our community, and we are always looking for ways to protect our members. We will hunt down and ban those who create fake profiles and try to compromise our community. It’s our hope that you have a genuine and safe experience in the community we worked so hard to build.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we invite you to contact us.

Online Dating Mistakes to Avoid Part 1

hispanic dating siteAt Lat Con Media, we strive to help individuals build new and lasting relationships through our online Hispanic dating site. When it comes to finding your significant other through the internet, there are many ways to create successful profiles that will truly represent who you are as a person and a lover. See below to learn the online dating mistakes you should always avoid.

  • Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

Although physical attraction is important in an intimate relationship, it is important to remember that a picture does not always do the individual justice. Try to remain subjective when looking at profile pictures instead of being overly picky and judgmental.

  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

An online dating profile is not meant to tell your entire life story. It is merely a place to share a few things about one’s self to intrigue others in order to evoke a future conversation. It is important to understand that a person may not put every detail about their life on their profile. Be sure to not overlook their profile and obsess over details that may or may not be on their site.

We are passionate about helping others find their true love through our online dating website. If you are interested in learning more about creating an effective and safe online dating profile, contact us today at (813) 318-1095.

Welcome to Lat Con Media’s Blog

latin online dating sitesAre you interested in Latin online dating sites? Look to our Lat Con Media blog as an excellent resource for helping you maximize your overall experience in the online dating industry. We strive to help educate our visitors by offering online dating advice, information, and recommendations to improve the safety and intimacy of your new relationship. Check below to learn more in-depth about the services that we offer.

  • Photo Recommendations

We help members understand the importance of making a great first impression through their online dating profile picture. We recommend posting natural and genuine photos that truly express who you are a person.

  • Writing Profiles

Similar to your profile picture, your online writing profile should accurately describe who are you are as an individual. The objective of your writing profile is to communicate to other online daters more information about you, in hopes that they are intrigued to get to know more about you.

  • Online Safety

We strive help our members have safe and successful online dating experiences. We offer online safety tips and recommendations to help members keep their information secure while being aware of suspicious behavior.

We are proud to offer many more services and resources that are not listed above. Contact us today at (813) 318-1095 to learn more about our services and how are helping the Latino community find love.


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Online Dating Growth

As recently as a few short years ago Online Dating was in a period with stigmas still associated with the industry and the users of online dating services. Today, those stigmas are almost completely gone and the industry is thriving as more and more people turn to the internet for their wants and needs. Online Dating sites fulfill many of the needs by enabling users to connect with new friends, build new relationships and ultimately; maybe find love.

The industry has changed from “a strange way” to find love to an almost “universally accepted” way to build relationships that can lead to love. A little more than 10 years ago 1 in every 4 adults agreed that “people who use online dating sites are desperate”. Today, 87% of adult males and 83% of adult females agree that “Online dating is socially acceptable”.

Today, nearly half of all Americans have a friend or family member who uses online dating sites or has met a partner or spouse through a dating site. Consumer Reports conducted an extensive survey at the beginning of 2017 and found that 44% of 105,000 respondents who tried online dating said the experience led to a serious long-term relationship or marriage. More than a third of couples who married between 2005 and 2012 met through an online dating site. The numbers being reported now will increase dramatically as research by the online dating experts forecast that the number of singles looking for love online in Europe and North America is expected to grow to 670 million.

In 2015 the Pew Research Center released their study of online dating and found that 15% of American adults have used online dating sites. The numbers have exploded since then among certain age groups. Use of online dating sites in the 18 – 24-year old group has more than tripled in 2 years and that was 2 years ago. In the same period, use in the 55 – 64-year old group more than doubled and that was also 2 years ago. The market was dominated by the 25 – 34-year-old group but that may change. The years 2016 and 2017 have seen phenomenal growth around the world.

Dating sites are not being used only to find long-term love although that is the hope of many users. Some sites are excellent opportunities to expand circles of friendship not only in numbers but around the world. The opportunity to build enhanced relationships is very enticing because many singles have already learned that sometimes love is nurtured from good friendships and good relationships.

The future of online dating will be driven by an additional phenomenon that is taking place around the world. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that 47% of the dating age population in America is not married. That has changed considerably from several years ago. This same social experience is occurring around the world and online dating has become a great way to find new people.

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Latest News

Every day there is more news online and offline about the growth of online dating around the world.  New relationships that started online are now a part of the normal way that people meet and the number of marriages that result from those new relationships continues to grow.  We offer some of the news in our Growth of Online Dating article on this site.

What has not been specifically discussed is the participation of the many beautiful and diverse Hispanic cultures throughout the world in this growing social phenomenon.  Until now!  The family of LatinConexiones sites is a collaboration of efforts and contributions by individuals from many different Latino cultures who are dedicated to build sites that focus on all aspects of the Hispanic community.  We focus on the Hispanic lifestyles.

Our focus also includes the celebrations of all of our diverse cultures and the way we traditionally dedicate our lives to focus on immediate and extended families, neighbors, consumers, other Hispanic entrepreneurs and contribute to our local and national social efforts

Other Hispanic-dating and Latin-dating sites focus primarily on the physical attributes of our beautiful Hispanics. Those sites are sex connection sites or meat-trafficking sites. Several of these sites advertise to meet sexy men or women. They have men and women with very little clothing.

The site has been very successful in being able to separate itself from those sites that are not as serious about the many other qualities, values, ethics, morals and religious beliefs that make up the whole of the Hispanic dating community.  We are committed to maintain a wholesome site that focuses to help our members be serious about their search efforts.

The mission of LatinConexionesMedia site is to empower users of to improve their experiences to achieve the greatest benefits.  We believe that educated and informed visitors will remain alert to protect safety and privacy.  This site contains online dating information, advice, recommendations and resources from experts throughout the online dating industry to serve our members as they build new friendships and relationships.

Our dating site will host numerous events with activities to help the Hispanic community grow together. In addition, we are extending invitations to associations and social organizations and companies to participate in LatinConexionesEventos.  On this site will be published the dates, times and places for events that are of interest to our members.

Throughout the world there are millions of Hispanics who have the entrepreneurial spirit and the determination to be successful and they have launched their own businesses.  LatinConexiones has a tremendous respect for that spirit and recognizes that many of those business owners do not have the resources to create their own web pages or to launch a major online marketing effort to promote their products or services.

The LatinConexionesEcommerce site is an opportunity for subscribed members to our dating site to rent a page and receive the benefit of all of our social and digital marketing efforts.  Hispanic entrepreneurs who take advantage of this wonderful opportunitycan focus on their products and services and expand their markets.

The owner of the LatinConexiones sites has a care and concern that extends beyond the dating site.  That care and concern has been recognized throughout the online dating industry and as a result the owner has been personally invited to serve as a member of the Internet Dating Executive Alliance.

The goal of the Alliance of executive is to help leaders grow the Internet dating industry professionally and honorably and help inspire innovation and thinking. We would like to add that we are committed to helping the industry grow up safe and sound.

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Background Checks

One of the most controversial subjects in the Online Dating Industry right now is background checks.  The growth of online dating has dramatically increased the chances for users to find a mate.  Online for any reason also makes it easier to come into contact with unscrupulous and even dangerous people.  When you meet people face-to-face, say in a nightclub, there is so much uncertainty because time and exposure are necessary before it is possible to really know someone.

LatinConexiones does not conduct background checks and in that area we are the same as bars, nightclubs, churches, shopping centers, chambers of commerce, social associations, event organizers and many others who are instrumental in creating social meeting opportunities.  This is not to say that background checks are not a good idea but we feel it important to help educate and inform our site visitors and LatinConexiones members so they can make their own decisions about background checks.

Background checks can actually begin very early in the communication with the new friend or potential partner.  Many users of dating sites focus on the here and now in their communication as they seek areas of similarities in the personalities, interests, hobbies, activities, music, etc.  Those are great places to begin as compatibility and mutual likes and dislikes are important.

But it is also a great time to include in the conversations personal background questions such as place of birth, city where grew up, high school attended, college, places where lived and workplaces in the past.  If is decided that a background check would be helpful all of the answers about the person’s past life will be very useful when it is time to focus the search into their personal history.

The advances of internet technology have created a wealth of opportunities to learn more about your person of interest beginning with only a basic search on Google, Bing or Yahoo.  After that step then move into the social media arena using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  You may not be able to discover specific criminal behavior or sexual misconduct but you will be able to learn more about many other aspects of the person.  What you are looking for is consistency in the person’s behavior, attitudes, interests, hobbies, friends, activities, causes that have their passion, the friendships they keep and many other personality traits, qualities or characteristics.

If you are considering a background check on a person please understand is now more acceptable.  It is not necessary to share with your potential new partner that you are moving in that direction but it is more common for a person to learn he/she is the object of a background check.  Remember, if the person has nothing to hide there should be no concern and if the person passes favorably then he/she should be happy that you can become a little more relaxed.  Not completely relaxed and not a false sense of security; but a little more relaxed.

If you decide to move to the next level to a background check please be mindful that this is the area where much controversy exists and a background check may not necessarily be the definitive answer for any concern you have.  You need to be aware of some of the shortcomings of background checks in general.

A background check that produces the true sense of security depends on 100{8f3f23e6e766b0e17ccc03fe3f933855e87e451743fbae3da955b6b1f63b220c} accuracy from state to state and county to county in the USA and country to country in the rest of the world.  This is an area where background checks begin to fall short.

There is a lack of consistency between the states in USA and some states don’t have records online.  There is a lack of consistency between the counties in USA and again some counties do not have records online.  Please know that States depend on their own counties to populate their records.  Some states do not have all of their county records on file.  There is no national criminal database.

There is a lack of consistency between the services that perform the criminal background checks.  Some will search part of the field of searches and some will search all information about criminal offenses.  Remember too there will always be a difference in the information for those who were arrested and then had the resources to find a lawyer who was able to help them avoid conviction.

There is a lack of consistency between states in their rules allowing other companies to perform criminal background checks.  Some jurisdictions do not allow companies to obtain certain vital information.  Some criminals in those states may appear to have a record of innocence through criminal background checks.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union background checks often contain erroneous information.   Note that the errors can occur on both sides of the fairness issue and will cause a lack of faith in the background check.  It is interesting to note that the ACLU data privacy expert told the Washington Post in 2016 that criminal background checks are wrong.  Problems include names getting mixed up and information being out of date.  He warned that consumers who are buying online dating background checks are “buying a defective product.”

The dispute has been made more difficult for the online dating industry because legislators and politicians in several states are being pressured to force the dating services online to make criminal background checks or say prominently on their site that they do not do background checks.  Please understand the full grasp of what happens when politicians are being pressured.  Essentially, it means that money is being exchanged for favorable votes by vested parties.  To our knowledge lawmakers are not being lobbied to require background checks by bars, nightclubs, etc.

We suggest another way to help you become more comfortable about your new person of interest.  Remember when we would meet someone new in real life and we would immediately turn to our families and friends and ask them “What do you think?”  That option is still available to us as we strive to feel better about our new friends or new partner.

Ask your trusted members of your family and group of friends who have opinions and thoughts that you have always trusted to visit the profile of your new person and share information that you now have.  Remember, you are affected emotionally as you may have found your new partner so your thoughts and your antennae and your instincts may be affected.  Your trusted friends and family members also have emotions involved but they are focused on the wellness and safety of you.

The family of LatinConexiones websites is concerned about and supports efforts to help protect and safeguard the Safety and Privacy of our users and members of our sites.   We will continue to advise you in all areas to ensure good experiences with us and let you know that your dependence on our help will always be acknowledged.

online dating safety tips

Writing Your Online Profile

Your online profile is a lot like your online photos.  It is your introduction of yourself to all visitors to your LatinConexiones page and it is your opportunity to make the good first impression that you would like them to see.  The purpose is to share enough about yourself so that others will be interested to learn more and enter into communication with you.  For many people it is very difficult to be objective about themselves so they do not write much or they write too much or they are not certain what to say.

The following information has been developed after extensive research into normal social behavior on dating sites and is being offered to help those who are not so comfortable writing about themselves.  The suggestions are also designed to help improve the profiles for those who are comfortable and would like to create a profile to find the right person for them.

Before you write your profile it is very important to know thyself.  Probably the most meaningful way to begin this is to listen to your heart and reflect upon what makes you smile and think about what makes you happy.

Remember that you are a very unique person.  There is not another person on the planet who is exactly like the sum of all that you are.  Write down all of the words that come to your mind.  Don’t bother to list them in any order.  That can be done later when you begin the structure of your profile.

The next step is to take your thoughts about yourself to one of your closest friends of the opposite sex that you trust very much.  Open your mind and ask him, or her, to share with you how he, or she, sees you as a person and as a potential partner.  Now you have many thoughts about you and how others may see your personality and qualities.

The most important guideline always is to be thoroughly honest.  Always!  Trust is earned and it is re-earned over and over again.   Be yourself.  Do not portray yourself as you think others would want you to be.  When the new relationship begins the true self of each person shows up anyway.

The general length of a profile is suggested to be about 200 words.  For reference, the previous three paragraphs combined are almost 200 words.   That’s plenty of space and opportunity to create interest and for the right person maybe a little excitement.  Take advantage of the opportunity.  If the profile is too short it may indicate you have a very low interest in the entire online dating experience.

There are two main goals with your profile.  The first is to share the most important things about you and the second is to share what you desire in a partner.  Generally, about 70% of the profile should be about the important qualities that make you a desirable partner and the remaining 30% should be about the qualities that you seek in a partner.  Avoid clichés.  Everyone wishes to be happy.  Share why you are happy person and what makes you happier.

Avoid the words or phrases seen in many profiles.  This is your chance to be specific and unique.  If you like a specific genre of movies go ahead and list your favorite and, maybe, why.  Remember there is such a point of being too specific.  List the qualities that you like and admire in a person and avoid “must haves” or the appearance of being too demanding.  There will be plenty of time in future communications to learn the qualities that are important to you.

Use your best grammar with correct spelling and proper punctuation.  The purpose of communication is to share thoughts and ideas and the rules that apply to the written form are designed for the reader to clearly understand your message.  Following the written rules also helps to indicate that you are very interested in the online dating experience and you have put forth your best effort for the reader’s benefit.

Don’t brag or boast.  It is great to be proud and have confidence but allow your successes to live inside you.  That inner confidence will allow you to write more positive and meaningful words and the reader will easily detect the qualities that you are trying to share.

When describing your future partner, again, do not be demanding.  There is no such person that is perfect.  Too many demands indicate that you are more concerned about getting what you want and not so concerned about fulfilling your responsibilities in the new relationship.  Most people online are not trying to find the perfect person.  They are only trying to find the partner that is perfect for them.

Use the guidance that you received from your friends.  If there is a particular characteristic or quality that describes you very positively go ahead and share it by saying “my friends say I am a very upbeat and positive person and I always help them to feel good”.  Many of us shy away from “sales” but online dating and how you write your profile is a form of selling yourself that is expected and necessary.

Leave sex out of the photos and out of the profile.   A profile that places a great deal of emphasis on the sexiness may leave the wrong impression and, more importantly, attract the wrong group of persons.   Remember you are trying to build a relationship and the sexiness of that relationship will take its own unique form.

After you write the profile leave it for a day or two and then come back to review it.  During that time see other profiles and mentally note how they are written.  Ask yourself if any of them truly describe a unique person.  Then when you return to yours ask if it still sounds like you.  Is it consistent with what you have conveyed in your photos?  And, have you helped the reader to “see” the uniqueness of you.

Remember, you can always re-visit your profile to tweak it if necessary.

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Sexual Health

Much of the information in our other articles on this site has stressed the importance of communication to develop a new relationship online to help provide a safe environment and to help safeguard privacy.  LatinConexiones stresses that, along with communication, education and information are the most effective tools you can use to have the best of experiences while online dating.

Now, we will talk about what is commonly referred to as sexual health but please understand that when we talk about sexual health we are really talking about your physical health and your mental health.   And we are not talking about only you and you should not be thinking about only you.  Many people think their risks are low because they simply think “It won’t happen to me” so they ignore the ever-growing evidence that incidents of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are on the rise throughout the world.

Whether your preference is casual sex or waiting until the relationship has developed more completely there is a wealth of resources, research, professional advice, statistics, education centers and physicians’ recommendations on the internet to help you make wise decisions when you are ready to move to that area of the relationship.  We have listed many of them later in this article but please do consider that this is an ever-changing landscape so it is critical to keep yourself current on developments in this area.

As you peruse the articles in the resources we have listed there are two prominent considerations that should never be forgotten.  The first is that there are more than 20 STDs or STIs that can be transmitted through sexual encounters whether they are vaginal, anal or oral.  The second, and most scary, revelation is that some of the diseases or infections can be passed to unborn children AND already born children.

The physical and mental anguish of some of these diseases or infections is not only for your health but also to children and their exposure can lead to crippling lives or end their lives.  Some can remain in your system for the rest of your life and forever change your life and the lives of your immediate family, your close friends who care about you and your future partner.  This information should be enough to embolden you to take charge of your sexual health and do not allow someone who you may not know very well to have that kind of an impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones.  It should also allow you to decide if a moment’s worth of pleasure is worth a life of anguish.

Again we return to the subject of communication.  When the risks are fully realized it is not possible to press too hard or dig too deeply to learn the potential exposure from the sexual habits of your partner-to-be.  When you are ready to move to intimacy, chemistry and connection direct questions about the other person’s sexual habits are becoming more commonly accepted and requests for the results of tests for STDs or STIs are now part of some communication.

Answers to these questions are not definitive if there has been sex after the test was performed and there may have been an incident when a condom simply wasn’t available or the moment just didn’t permit the inconvenience of one.  An answer of yes to the question “Do you always use a condom?” may have a hole in it (no pun intended) if only once it was forgotten or purposely not used.  As some of the research will reveal to you sometimes it takes a little time for the symptoms or evidence of an STD to appear in order for confirmation and treatment to be done.

In all of your other communication you should have been searching for honesty to know if you could build a relationship.  You were risking your heart and your emotions.  Hopefully, you have continued the communication because you felt you were developing a connection.  In the area of sexual health the honesty is paramount.  Your heart and emotions will heal.  Maybe your physical and mental health will not be cured.  Here is another major consideration.  Many people living with HIV don’t know they have it.  Naturally, they will think they are being honest when they answer no to any questions.

Please read the information that you will find in the following articles and please continue your education in this critical area of relationships.

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We get one chance to make a first impression.  LatinConexiones believes that the first impression is so important that we should have several chances to present ourselves and the most important step to demonstrate who we are is through photos.  Following are suggestions from LatinConexiones and others that have been accumulated from various relationship experts to help you be most effective to share information about who you are.  Remember, with a LatinConexiones full subscription it is possible to post unlimited photos.


Please keep in mind that this is not only a dating site but it is intended to help you build your new relationship.  The intent of the photos is to allow you to present yourself to that special person who is looking for you.   Your photos will increase the opportunity for great communication and reassurance by revealing much about who you are by giving both of you great talking points to begin the dialog.

Everybody looks the way they look and everybody appears maybe just a little different to different people.  Most people are not seeking knock-out gorgeous partners.  Most members on this site are looking for compatibility and matching chemistry as they are the primary foundations of long-term relationships and the goal of this site.

Photos are a very important part of the process so be genuine.  There are so many characteristics and qualities that can be communicated in the photos so they are probably the most important first communication.  Genuine expressions, both natural and candid, where you appear comfortable will represent you well.  The photos must be current as one of the greatest complaints about online matching sites is that the photos were old and did not truly depict the person as he, or she, is today. Deception will eventually be discovered and that will end a relationship before it has an opportunity to get started.  The photos should accurately reflect who you are.  You want them to be flattering but not overly so but be courageous enough so you do not under-represent yourself.

Please remember that there exists a distinction between what potential partners say they want and what they really want.  Their reaction to photos reveals what they really want so follow the general rules and guidelines and trust that potential partners are listening to their inner senses.

There are also very interesting distinctions in the rules and guidelines between what is favorable or unfavorable between men and women when it comes to “selfies”.  Generally selfies by women are far more readily acceptable by men.  On the other hand, selfies by men are construed differently.   Women read more into selfies by men and may perceive some concerns no matter how the males appear in the photo.


Red eye – The best way to avoid red-eye is to focus on something just beyond the camera so the flash doesn’t produce dilation.

There are many opinions regarding natural lighting from the great outdoors and manufactured lighting inside.  Here again there are some gender differences.  Generally, women react favorably to photos of men outside.  They like the idea of ruggedness while men like photos of women inside showing their softer side.  There are many photo ops on this site so there is room for flexibility.  If it is an indoor shot utilize the natural light from a nearby window but be sure it shines well on the subject.  An indoor photo without natural light appears softer if that is what you wish to show.  Outdoor natural light at its brightest can reveal shadows so wait until the sun is lower in the sky.

What to wear?  Everyone has color combinations that flatter or enhance the color of the skin, eyes and hair.  So pick those colors and avoid clothing with big patterns.  Remember that horizontal lines accentuate body width and vertical lines accentuate body height and a slimmer appearance

Primary photo

A photo of the face showing the shoulders and the hair is great for the primary photo.  Let that be the only photo of the head unless there is an interest in demonstrating different hairstyles or other changes.  Select makeup and accents that are as close to natural as possible.  This will serve the potential relationship well as hopefully the partner will eventually see you close to natural.  That first impression can be validated over and over again.  Have the camera positioned at a slight angle and typically photos that shoot slightly down at the subject are more favorable.  Be mindful of what is in the background so nothing distracts from looking at your face

Second Photo

Include a full-body photo as your second photo.  Remove the mystery as immediately as possible so the viewer doesn’t have to do any guesswork.  Remember, if the first impression is made complex in any regard the viewer will move on before reading the rest of your profile.

If there is a desire to appear slimmer do not face the camera directly.  Stand with the body facing slightly to the right or left of the camera angle and leave the feet in place while turning only the top portion of the body toward the camera

Supporting photos

This is an opportunity to show the rest of who you are.  Show your passionate interests, your hobbies, your leisure preferences, what you do with your friends, family and the many different facets to your life.  LatinConexiones provides unlimited photos so why not take advantage to enhance your first impression.  This opportunity should be taken seriously and there is no magical number for how many photos.

Utilize as many as can accurately depict who you are and remember using current photos is the best policy. Most people are not one-dimensional personalities.  Show who you are by using different settings or doing something you love to do.  Demonstrate your confidence about who you are.  Do not show similar photos to others you have already posted.  This area of photos does not necessarily need to have you in every photo.  If you have captured something with your camera that has touched your heart or your soul then share it.  Ultimately your new partner wants to know what lives inside you.  What you are doing in the photos affects how the whole of you is perceived.


There are some precautions with photos based on extensive research.  Extreme close up photos get very little interest from matches.  If matches cannot get a good look at you they will move on

Sunglasses are a big no.  Most people want to see the eyes as to many they are the windows to the heart.  When there is a smile on the face the eyes light up to show general happiness and you want the viewer to see how your eyes look when you are happy.  Sunglasses often hide other parts of the face and facial expressions are also revealing about what lives inside of us.

Leave the baseball cap in your locker.  Remember you are trying to depict the natural you.

Do not use sex as the main feature.  There are too many negative reactions about too much skin or too sexy.  It’s not worth the risk.  Please remember that LatinConexiones is a world-wide field of potential partners and there are many varied reactions to the opposite sex displaying a lot of skin.  Why not take the safe route and save the sexy photos for later in your new relationship

Do not take your photos in the mirror.  Research has shown that this is generally a negative.  Recruit a friend and even better choose a friend of the opposite sex who will help identify your more appealing physical characteristics

Do not use a photo that has been cropped to eliminate someone else who was originally in the photo.  It is perceived as being tacky and mean-spirited.

Drinking an alcoholic beverage.  Many people show this photo so it is not unique.  Also, it most probably does not reflect what you do with most of your time.


There are some general tips that should be followed.  The left side of the face is received with a more pleasant reaction because we present more emotion with the left side of the face.  It is a great way to show emotion in a still photo.

Show the total body.  Studies have shown that women are attracted to the body as men are.  The condition of the body helps to reveal a person’s self-respect and that is important to men and women

Smile – there are experts who say that a smile is less effective for men and more effective for women.  But the one indisputable fact remains and that is a smile indicates happiness.  For the women a smile can be much more flirtatious and for the men the smile should be sincere and warm.


It is good to display pride but not good to be vain.  Women are most attracted to men displaying pride and less attracted to men who display vanity.  Showing pride helps the men to look more masculine.

Show one or two photos with friends looking happy and natural.  Such a photo demonstrates an ability to build healthy relationships and also that others enjoy spending time with you.  Avoid the photos of beer bashes; there are no good reactions to them.  If you show yourself in a group be sure that it easy to find you in the group.

Do not try to look perfect.  Show the many sides of who you are and that you are a normal person and you are not pretending to be perfect.

Photos with family are especially appealing to women as they can assume that you are close to your family.  The importance of family in a man’s life reveals vital information.  It indicates possible potential as a great father.  It also shows the potential for being a good partner and ability to fit into the family of the new partner.

A photo with your pet?  Sure.  Women have a good perception of men who are kind to animals.  It reveals another side to the man that women will like.

Photos of men outside get more attention than photos of men inside.  Include a mixture of both in all of the photos.


Women should display happiness.  Men are most attracted to women displaying happiness and less attracted to women displaying pride.  It also helps as the relationship grows for the men to be able to see if his new partner is truly happy.

Photos with dogs or cats?  Save the photos with the pets until later in the photo stream.  Men do not react the same as women to photos with pets and leading with the primary photo as the one with the pet may indicate very little room for the new partner.

Kisses and pouting.  These are negatives to men.  Men do not want photos of these.  They want the kisses to be real and the pouting to be gone.

Use current photos!  This is one of the critical areas of online matching.  Men who are experienced with online sites report that about one-third of the photos of the women were old photos.  Old photos are a form of lying and that will stop a relationship before it ever gets a chance to grow.

Indoor photos are more attractive to men.  The soft lighting from indoors helps to give a softness to the woman and being indoors helps to make the photo a little more intimate and even a little sexy.